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Defense Ministers from Albania, The Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Italy. Photo credit: NBC News

Macron’s Gender-Balanced Cabinet Includes Europe’s 9th Female Defense Minister

Rwanda FPU patrols Gao

Integrating Gender: The Key to Reforming the Security Sector in Post-Conflict Countries

Members of the Solomon Islands Young Women’s Christian Associa

The Underfunded Partner: Women’s Civil Society Organizations


Enhancing Accountability for Women, Peace & Security

MCF Podium

Profiles in Peace: An Interview with Miriam Coronel Ferrer

Photo Credit: UN Women. Kenyan women engaged in peacebuilding and mediation efforts.

Kenya’s National Action Plan: “To Involve Women is to Sustain Peace”

March 11 - Girls in Crisis

Adolescent Girls in Crisis

תרגיל גדודי קרקל

Gender Equality in Militaries: How Far We’ve Come & How Far We Have to Go

Feb 27 - Economic Empowerment Somalia

Economic Empowerment, Peace & Security—Women Using Information Communication Technology in Somalia

Discussion on women

Symposium Recap – “Women: Powerful Agents for Peace & Security”

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