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women climate

Women & Climate Change

Mideast Syria Rebel Attrition

Women of ISIS: Seeking a Gendered Understanding of Extremist Recruitment in the West

March 11 - Girls in Crisis

Adolescent Girls in Crisis

תרגיל גדודי קרקל

Gender Equality in Militaries: How Far We’ve Come & How Far We Have to Go

Feb 27 - Economic Empowerment Somalia

Economic Empowerment, Peace & Security—Women Using Information Communication Technology in Somalia

An adult literacy class, at Dust-e-Noor neighborhood, in Mazar-e

Economic Opportunity for Women in Rural Afghanistan: A Survivor Story

Feb 9 - One Man's peace

When One Man’s Peace is Another Woman’s Trap

Dec 23 - Finance Rural India

Access to Finance in Rural India—A Catalyst for Leadership & Social Change

PRT Farah Conducts Photojournalism Training in Farah City

The Great Unfinished Business of the Beijing Platform for Action

Smart Power: Security Through Inclusive Leadership

Smart Power through Inclusivity in an Increasingly Volatile World

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